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2017-11-18 12:22:30
Seller Tips and Pitfalls

As a Real Estate expert with 17 years experience and former instructor, I am witnessing an alarming breakdown in the professionalism of the modern real estate agent.  Which prompts this blog.

Many websites instruct sellers hunting for a listing agent to ask each agent for a production count, which to me is meaningless.  Quite a few agents, especially in a slow market, are part of a team of agents and as such can show you a list of sold homes that they themselves weren't involved in but were one of the team member's endeavors.  The questions I would be asking as a seller would be:

1.  How long are you in the real estate business?  (Newer agents make lots of mistakes due to lack of experience and acquired expertise.)  Why would you trust your sale to someone that doesn't have enough knowledge to get you top dollar in a reasonable length of time?  Newer agents should start with a team to acquire the training and experience needed to become a qualified agent, or have the advantage of having a close friend or family member that has already been mentoring them.  Ask.

2.  Are you full time or not?  Realistically which would YOU prefer?  Someone that really isn't going to spend the time required to conduct a sucessful sale of your property and only will sit and wait for a buyer to fall into their lap or a dedicated agent that actively works on your sale?

3.  Do you use a professional photographer?  It's is mind boggling to me to see homes advertised with pictures that are showing cars in the driveway (can't really see the exterior of the house so maybe they are trying to sell the car?); kitchens that are so cluttered that you can barely see the beautiful counters; pictures of rooms with furniture placement that hides features of the rooms, i.e. fireplaces, and general clutter or decorations that do not allow a possible buyer to actually focus on the rooms.  It's probably going to take a long time to get a possible buyer in the door!

4.  Will you be available to me to answer questions if I call or return my calls promptly?  

5.  Will you keep me informed as to the progress of my sale and the marketing that is in place?

6.  And yes, what will you do to market my property.  Keep in mind that an agent that is agressive in marketing themselves and their business will be just as agressive in marketing your property.

Hopefully these tips will help you choose the right agent to market and sell your home, and that agent would be me.  Don't fall for all the hype, choose wisely.



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2017-11-18 12:22:30
Seller Tips and Pitfalls

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